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Have you ever wondered …

What more does this life I am currently living have to offer?

How can I create more authentic and supportive relationships in my life and my business?

How can I regain my confidence, self-esteem and abundance I once had?

Are You Now Willing to Discover the answers

Well, you are not alone. Thousands of people have awakened to a deeper sense of what life has to offer and what role each of us plays in that. Your inner questions and calling to find the answers to those questions is what brought you here today.

Whether it's a longing to find inner peace, a desire for more abundance, clarity, meaning and purpose in your life or a realization that you were meant to be more than you are living now, the answers to all these questions lie in the same place. They are all already within you. You just have to know how to access them and have them permanently!

The Opening Intensive offers an opportunity for participants to get real with their true, authentic nature by experiencing that Truth directly. 

Since the 1960s, intensives such as The Opening have had a proven track record of enabling people to have experiences of their authentic and confident nature within a short timeframe. The reason why our workshops are so successful lies in the fusion of Eastern spiritual contemplative methods with Western psychological tools, which together form the foundation of this work. It is the unusual and innovative combination of a focusing technique with real and honest communication, which offers a genuine possibility of having a direct experience of the Truth in our lives.

Here are some benefits you can expect to get from The Opening:

Total Freedom
A key feature of The Opening is the fundamental freedom from any traditional, conditioned belief system or for some, religions, resulting in laser-beam clarity and almost as if layers of our blind-spots being lifted and what is left is the Truth of what has always been. The Opening has the ability to cater to participants of all beliefs and from all walks of life. It does not matter where you are in life; we welcome you with a fully Open Heart.

Greater Awareness and Success
The Opening is a powerfully introspective retreat that gives you a taste of what it is like to be deeply authentic, open and confident, and have a quiet mind. What follows is usually a sense of mental clarity and focus that many participants experience as The Opening unfolds, reaching an inner state of deep awareness as well as profound insights. These allow you to go away with greater power and clarity in your life, relationships and career.

Open and Honest Communication
The technique used in The Opening Intensive allows participants to speak from a place of full openness and deep contact with others while looking at the truth of their current situation. This can bring about and vastly improve an individual's capacity to be authentic, have breakthroughs, opening of your heart, personal power, authentic relationships, solid clarity, real identification, and being present in all areas of their lives.

We invite you come and experience one of the most fulfilling and profound journeys that you can take in your life. No one has gone home disappointed after they have found out their true, authentic nature for themselves and all others in their life.

Are you ready to take our life to a whole new level and experience all the joys and abundance that have always been there for you?

Here is YOUR special pricing 
Regular tuition for this program is S$2888 and the food, accommodation and logistics is S$1088.  As a gift to you, we are going to offer you now:

Come for tuition free and simply pay for your food and accommodation and logistics fee.

Instead of paying S$3476 your total price is only S$1088. At the conclusion of the event, you will get an opportunity to contribute further to your experience.

Don't wait, register today.

Now is the time! You are the key to all of the success you have been dreaming about.

Come get it back! Register HERE for The Opening

Here are some of the things our graduates have said about The Opening.

“Since attending the Opening, my life has made some massive shifts. It was a true gift to attend this course and uncover all the layers that were hiding the true me. Every day I find a deeper connection with those I talk to and love. This is a direct result of the course.

Common comments people say to me since attending the event are:  "I really hear them", "I really listen to them" and "I really look into their eyes when we talk".

Do you know the feeling of really being heard? This is the gift you will experience at the Opening event.

Martin and Lionel have so much wisdom to share as well.

This is a must-attend event and I give it my strongest possible endorsement.”
- Paul Dwyer, Australia, 

“The Opening is a very safe place for me to share my secrets. Most of my deep secrets, I am able to share in this environment. This group of people, especially Lionel, Lisa, Patrick and Veronica are warm hearted, kind and loving people.

They have given me 101% of their time and attention despite having families to take care of. I am very fortunate to know them. My life has changed from a closed and self-centered person to one who is more open, loving and able to show concern for others.

After attending The Opening in March 2010, we have met up once a month, at follow-up sessions for graduates, to help us continue to live more openly. I strongly encourage you to attend The Opening in Nov 2010 has I have benefited tremendously. Most of my life's problems have been solved here at The Opening.”
- Angela Oh, Singapore
Sales Director
Denbenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd

“In terms of career, not only did The Opening help me to understand myself, but it also opened up a lot of other opportunities in my business and in my career.

Particularly, when I am open, not only do I open to having more opportunities, but also the Truth of my business partners and associates are clearer and revealed. This allows me to better handle them and the Truth, many times moving ahead in spite of the many challenges.

So that’s why I am going back for the next one in November 2012, because it’s a process that started (and I do not think it would ever finish) but it’s ongoing. The next stage would not only be self-discovery but also to be able to consolidate what I really want in life.”
- Jude Paul Leong
SingCapital Singapore


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